Profitable Business Opportunity For Higher Returns With OodEat

World is going Digital….&…..Food will remain a Necessity forever !

And we Deal in Both

OodEat is offering once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Channel Partner for Tier II & Tier III cities of India. If you are looking for business Ideas or business opportunities online. You have come to the right destination. With a very minimal investment, office space & manpower; you can earn amazing returns in business.

We are looking for people or organizations intending to put less money and more hard work to establish themselves as a outshining entrepreneur, with periodic income. We require City specific Channel Partners across India to aid us in our expansion plans. This is an ideal opportunity for organizations looking to invest in the foods &beverages sector or Technology Sector and get wonderful returns.

Description Tier 2 Cities Tier 3 Cities
Joining Fee INR 10 Lakhs INR 20 Lakhs
Security (Refundable) INR 2 Lakhs INR 5 Lakhs
Tenure 3 Years 3 Years
Land/Office Requirement Nominal Nominal
Manpower Requirement Minimal Less
Contract Renewable After Tenure Yes Yes
Breakeven Within 6-9 months Within 6-9 months



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I join OodEat?

    Joining the OodEat gives you the great opportunity to own your own business with low investment, simple operations, flexible working hours and excellent Returns on Investment (ROI). The everlasting combination of Technology & Food, will give you multiplying returns for your investments and efforts.

  • Channel Partner’s prime responsibility shall be to onboard Restaurants from your city on OodEat platform, manage their account and do the local level marketing of OodEat.

  • OodEat’s Channel Partners pay 20% commission as royalty from gross sales within the city. Rest entire amount is the revenue for Channel Partner, which means a handsome income, if you perform well.

  • Your income is directly proportional to the efforts you make. An efficient Channel Partner can achieve breakeven in less than 6 months too. But, a moderate performer can get a payback in less than a year (about 9-10 months). Your revenue every month after this will be contributing towards profitability.

  • Absolutely! You shall be given a detailed training and initial hand-holding to run your business and establish your business. Generally, these trainings are done online and in some of the cases, if needed a periodical personal training is done with different franchise owners/managers.

  • When OodEat’s Dealership/Distributorship is assigned to a Channel Partner. He/She’s not just selling Software licenses within his city. He is also the Face of the company. To maintain the highest quality of Brand value & standards, company does a basic level background check. The applicants with previous experience/exposure in food or restaurant industry are preferred. The candidates with novel ideas of marketing and expanding in their city are given highest preference.

  • The amount mentioned in Franchise Fee & refundable Security. Nominal operational Expenses for Restaurant onboarding, Menu upload & Local Marketing Expenses shall vary from city to city. But they are minimalistic in nature. A smart businessman can easily keep them low, without Submit compromising on results. We prefer selecting a Channel Partner who is having past experience and/or novel ideas to expand OodEat’s business in his city.

  • We understand many low-price food delivery platforms are available at throw-away price in market. At the face of it, the option may look very lucrative. Later you’ll realize, you need a number of other things which may not appear at the beginning.

    • You’ll need to have a in-depth knowledge of software development, as you are runnning a software company now
    • Even if you buy ready-made software, you’ll need to keep quality software developers for day to day maintenance and improvements, and believe us, quality manpower is costly .
    • National scale branding, Infrastructure like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Advanced Cloud Hosting and government compliances is something which isn’t counted here.
    • Increased manpower requirements like Operations, HR-Amin, Support Team and suitable infrastructure requirements to run the show.
    • So, it’s like while plans of taking the distributorship for a FMCG company. Thinking of starting a national level FMCG company. Sounds easy. But, it isn’t…

  • You can go through the following table, to understand Tier I, II & II more in detail:-

    City List Channel Partnership Status
    Tier 1 Delhi-NCR (New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Greater Noida), Mumbai & Suburbs, Bangalore, Chennai Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune N/A
    Tier 2 (Refundable) Ahmedabad, Indore, Kochi, Mysore, Nagpur, Vadodara and all the State Capitals Open
    Tier 3 All cities other than above Open
  • Yes! We understand Developing high-quality software require a lot of Technical Knowledge and understanding. You should have good business acumen, a zeal to invest time and efforts. Not just money. Preferably you should be good in Marketing & well connected within the Restaurants, Café’s & Food Business operators in your city. Software Development and Maintenance is our expertise, we’ll handle that for you. Need not worry.

  • High returns in less investment, this is what you are looking for…Right? Any other business opportunity will require either a lot of Investment or big land or high manpower. Unlike that, here is an opportunity, which requires limited resources. Moreover, researches have already proved that the Digitalization is going to grow fastest.